• The nature’s law of cure explains that only similar disease can able to cure the disease and dissimlar can not able to cure the disease ; they (Dissimilar disease) only able to supress or palliate or form complex disease.
  • To explaine this nature’s law ; Dr. Hahnemann gave his observations in aphorism 35 to 42.
  • When two dissimilar diseases meet together then there are three possibilities can occure :
    • Possibility one : If the older disease is stronger than the new disease , then the newer weaker disease will be repelled and no be allowed to enter inside the organism. In short , the stronger old one will repels the weaker new one.
    • Possibility two : If the older disease is weaker than the new disease , then the new stronger disease will supress the old weaker disease and suspend action old disease. In short , the stronger new one will suspend the action of weaker old one.
    • Possibility three : If the two disease being of equal strength , after long period of acting together ; the new dissimilar disease joins the old one and forms ” Complex disease “.



§ 36
I. If the two dissimilar diseases meeting together in the human being be of equal strength, or still more if the older one be the stronger, the new disease will be repelled by the old one from the body and not allowed to affect it. A patient suffering from a severe chronic disease will not be infected by a moderate autumnal dysentery or other epidemic disease. The plague of the Levant, according to Larry, does not break out where scurvy is prevalent, and persons suffering from eczema are not infected by it. Rachitis, Jenner alleges, prevents vaccination from taking effect. Those suffering from pulmonary consumption are not liable to be attacked by epidemic fevers of a not very violent character, according to Von Hildenbrand.

From “Organon of medicine” by Dr. Hahnemann
  • To understnd this lets take example of a jungle. Imagine there is a jungle and the king of this jungle is lion , now a wolf comes to rule over jungle. What will happen , obviously lion will not allow wolf to rule over his territory and wolf will be exile ( repel out ) by the lion.
  • The same happens in our body , when the body is already occupied ( ruled ) by the stronger disease then new weaker will never establish its effects as it will be repelled out by the stronger older one.
  • To support this action , Dr. Hahnemann has also mentioned some examples observed by other physions that are as follow :
  • Dr. Larry observed that the Plague of the Levant did not affect where Scurvy was prevalent and the persons were suffering from skin disease were not affected by it ( Plague of the Levant ).
  • Dr. Jenner alleges observed that Rachitis prevented the vaccination from takeing action.
  • Accornding to Dr. Von Hildenbrand ; Those suffering from pulmonary consumption are not liable to be attacked by Epidemic fevers of not much violent character.


§ 38
II. Or the new dissimilar disease is the stronger. In this case the disease under which the patient originally labored, being the weaker, will be kept back and suspended by the accession of the stronger one, until the latter shall have run its course or been cured, and then the old one reappears uncured. Two children affected with a kind of epilepsy remained free from epileptic attacks after infection with ringworm (tinea) but as soon as the eruption on the head was gone the epilepsy returned just as before, as Tulpius observed. The itch, as Schopf saw, disappeared on the occurrence of the scurvy, but after the cure of the latter it again broke out. So, also the pulmonary phthisis remained stationary when the patient was attacked by a violent typhus, but went on again after the latter had run its course. If mania occur in a consumptive patient, the phthisis with all its symptoms is removed by the former; but if that go off, the phthisis returns immediately and proves fatal. When measles and smallpox are prevalent at the same time, and both attack the same child, the measles that had already broken out is generally checked by the smallpox that came somewhat later; nor does the measles resume its course until after the cure of the smallpox; but it not infrequently happens that the inoculated smallpox is suspended for four days by the supervention of the measles, as observed by Manget, after the desquamation of which the smallpox completes its course. Even when the inoculation of the smallpox had taken effect for six days, and the measles then broke out, the inflammation of the inoculation remained stationary and the smallpox did not ensue until the measles had completed its regular course of seven days. In an epidemic of measles, that disease attacked many individuals on the fourth or fifth day after the inoculation of smallpox and prevented the development of the smallpox until it had completed its own course, whereupon the smallpox appeared and proceeded regularly to its termination. The true, smooth, erysipelatous-looking scarlatina of Sydenham, with sore throat, was checked on the fourth day by the eruption of cow – pox, which ran its regular course, and not till it was ended did the scarlatina again establish itself; but on another occasion, as both diseases seem to be of equal strength, the cow – pox was suspended on the eighth day by the supervention of the true, smooth scarlatina of Sydenham, and the red areola of the former disappeared until the scarlatina was gone, wherein the cow – pox immediately resumed its course, and went on its regular termination. The measles suspended the cow – pox ; on the eighth day, when the cow – pox had nearly attained its climax, the measles broke out; the cow-pox now remained stationary, and did not resume and complete its course until the desquamation of the measles, had taken place, so that on the sixteenth day it presented the appearance it otherwise would have shown on the tenth day, as Kortum observed.

Even after the measles had broken out the cow-pox inoculation took effect, but did not run its course until these measles had disappeared, as Kortum likewise witnessed.

I myself saw the mumps (angina parotidea) immediately disappear when the cow-pox inoculation had taken effect and had nearly attained its height; it was not until the complete termination of the cow-pox and the disappearance of its red areola that this febrile tumefaction of the parotid and submaxillary glands, that is caused by a peculiar miasm, reappeared and ran its regular course of seven days.

And thus it is with all dissimilar disease; the stronger suspends the weaker (when they do not complicate one another, which is seldom the case with acute disease), but they never cure one another.

From “Organon of medicine” by Dr. Hahnemann
  • To understand this we will take the same example as of above. But this time the sitution is opposite. This time the jungle is ruled by the wolf and suddenly one day lion comes to rule over wolf’s territory. Now what will happen , obviously lion will rule the jungle and wolf being weak has to submit ( suppressed ). But what if lion now leaves the jungle , then wolf who was suppresed will now come back to his power and will rule the jungle.
  • The same goes for our body ; when new disease is stronger than the older one , the new disease will suspend the action of old one and rrun its course. After it’s course is over , the older disease resurfaces ( reappears ) and produces its symptoms.
  • Examples :
    • Dr. Tulpius obseved that , two children who were suffering from the epilepsy were remained free from epileptic fits after they were attaked by tinea ( ring worm ) , but as soon as ring worm infection got removed , the epileptic fits again resurfaced.
    • Dr. Schoof observed that itch was disappeared till the person was attacked by scurvy , but when scurvy was gone itch reoccurred.
    • Same way , the pulmonary phthisis remained suspended when person was attacked by violent form of typhoid ; but it got advanced after removal of typhoid.
    • Measles and smallpox supress each other , if person who is suffering from measles , attacked by small pox ; measles will be supressed and after small pox complete its action , it will reappear. same goes in vice versa case.
    • Scarlatila and cowpox also acts as case of measles and smallpox.
    • Dr. Hahnemann himself saw the disappearing of mumps when cow pox came and reappearing of mumps after the termination of cow pox.


§ 40
III. Or the new disease, after having long acted on the organism, at length joins the old one that is dissimilar to it, and forms with it a complex disease, so that each of them occupies a particular locality in the organism, namely, the organs peculiarly adapted for it, and, as it were, only the place specially belonging to it, while it leaves the rest to the other disease that is dissimilar to it. Thus a syphilitic patient may become psoric, and vice versa. As two disease dissimilar to each other, they cannot remove, cannot cure one another. At first the venereal symptoms are kept in abeyance and suspended when the psoric eruption begins to appear; in course of time, however (as the syphilis is at least as strong as the psora), the two join together, that is, each involves those parts of the organism only which are most adapted for it, and the patient is thereby rendered more diseased and more difficult to cure.

When two dissimilar acute infectious diseases meet, as, for example, smallpox and measles, the one usually suspends the other, as has been before observed; yet there have also been severe epidemics of this kind, where, in rare cases, two dissimilar acute diseases occurred simultaneously in one and the same body, and for a short time combined, as it were, with each other. During an epidemic, in which smallpox and measles were prevalent at the same time, among three hundred cases (in which these diseases avoided or suspended one another, and measles attacked patients twenty days after the smallpox broke out, the smallpox, however, from seventeen to eighteen days after the appearance of the measles, so that the first disease had previously completed its regular course) there was yet one single case in which P. Russell met with both these dissimilar diseases in one person at the same time. Rainey witnessed the simultaneous occurrence of smallpox and measles in two girls. J. Maurice, in his whole practice, only observed two such cases. Similar cases are to be found in Ettmuller’s works, and in the writings of a few others.

Zencker saw cow-pox run its regular course along with measles and along with purpura.

The cow-pox went on its course undisturbed during a mercurial treatment for syphilis, as Jenner saw.

From “Organon of medicine” by Dr. Hahnemann
  • To understand this lets imagine there was a big jungle which was ruled by wolf ; now one day tiger came. They both were of same strength. So what happened , that wofl decided to rule on one part of junglt and tiger decided to rulle over other. After ruling the jungle together for long time they joined together and rule the whole jungle.
  • Same way when the dissimilar disease of equal strenght meet together and acting for long period ; joins together and form “Complex disease”. They can not share common place in organism but they occupies their suitable tissues or organs in the body.
  • Examples :
    • When psoric eruption starts appearing ,the syphilitic symptoms will get controlled. But after long time acting together they join together and occupy the part of body that most suitable for them and makes patient’s condition more incurable.
    • Dr. Zenker reports the occurrence of cowpox , measles and purpura together.
    • Dr. P. Russel reports a case where both smallpox and measles prevailed in the same person. Dr. J. Maurice says he has seen only two such case in whole medical practice.


  • When to similar disease meet inside the organism , the result will totally opposite to that of the dissimilar disease as they (Two similar disease) neither repel each other nor control each other , nor complicate each other. Morever they even can not form complex disease as they both on the same tisses and organs.

§ 26
This depends on the following homoeopathic law of nature which was sometimes, indeed, vaguely surmised but not hitherto fully recognized, and to which is due every real cure that has ever taken place:

A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations.

From “Organon of medicine” by Dr. Hahnemann
  • When two similar disease meet together they act on the base of the nature’s law of cure (§ 26 stated above). The stronger disease will replace the weaker disease and occupy the place of the former weaker one.
  • To understand this , lets imagine one jungle is ruled by a lion. Now another stronger lion comes in the jungle , what will happen ? obviously , stronger lion will take over the place of the weaker lion and will rule over the jungle. The same goes for our body.
  • Homoeopathic cure is based on this out come.
  • How ? let suppose the person is suffering from fever. Homoeopathic medicine will be given on the symptom similarity produced in the person ; thus person would given medicine that produce fever similar to person is suffering from ; but in somewhat high intensity. So what will happen is the artificial produced fever ( produced by Homoeopathic medicine) being stronger and similar than weaker natural disease ( the person is originaly suffering from) will replace the weaker one and take place of it.
  • Now the person is only suffering from the artificial disease which is produced by the medicine and which is in control of Homoeopathic physician. Now , physician will stop the medicine and thus the artificialy produced disease will be gradualy decrease and over come by over vital force.
  • Now person is free from both , the natural disease and artificial disease.
  • Examples :
    • The light of lamp becomes faded in front of sun’s powerful light falls on retins. (§ 45 foot note)
    • Dr. Hahnemann in § 46 mentioned about some accidental homoeopathic cures observed by several physicians. Dr. Dezoteux stated that smallpox produces violent opthalmia and even can cause blindness. When the same smallpox is inoculated in case of opthalmia , it had cured the condition permanently.
    • Dr. Leroy supported this with other similar example.
    • According to Dr. Klein , the case of amaurosis of two years was cure by the same smallpox because the smallpox can produce the same condition in stronger manner.
    • Dr. J. Fr. Close says , ” A case pf deafness and dysphonea was permanently cured when the same patient was attacked with severe attack of smallpox this happens because the smallpox can produce the similar symptoms “

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