Diathesis in Homoeopathy

Word meaning :

  • The word diathesis is derived for Greek word “diatithenai”.
  • Dia means “as under” and tithenani means “to place“.
  • Means condition or disposition or to arrange.

Diathesis meaning in Homoeopathy :

  • “it is hereditary or acquired predisposition of body to disease, a group of disease or allergy or another disorder which likely present with different alteration of health.”

Understanding :

  • It is morbid susceptibility which is either genetic or acquired.
  • It is kind of weakness of system or organ to get derange. And it is a way of being ill.
  • It differ from : “disease”, ”constitution” and  “miasm”.

View of stalwarts of homoeopathy :

  • Dr. Hahnemann never used word diathesis instead he used accessory circumstances.
  • C. J. Burnett : it is borderline state between normal susceptibility and expression. E.g. tubercular diathesis.
  • Dr. M.L. Dhawale: it is exaggerated or erratic susceptibility e.g. retain water in body.
  • Daecsis: inherited or aquired disposition of manifestation in specific disease.

Uses of diathesis :

  • Establishing similarity.
  • Treatment of diathesis.

Types of diathesis in Homoeopathy :

  1. Tubercular diathesis
  2. Lymphatic diathesis
  3. Scrofulous diathesis
  4. Dyscratic diathesis
  5. Lithic acid diathesis
  6. Uric acid diathesis
  7. Rheumatic diathesis
  8. Haemorrhagic diathesis
  9. Strumous diathesis
  10. Sthenic diathesis
  11. Scorbutic diathesis

Tubercular Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • tuberculosis or T.B. like emaciation disease.
  • Tendency to productive cough, bloody sputum, night sweat, lymphadenopathy, low grde fever etc.
  • Disease like asthma, copd, bronchopneumonia.
  • Medicine: iodun, tuberculinum, bacillinium, arc iod.

Lymphatic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Lymphadenitis.
  • Hypertrophied lymph node, tendency to acute inflammation with lymphadenitis.
  • Disease related to skin, mm or internal organ with acute inflammation, lymphadenitis, dermatitis, eczema, coryza, etc.
  • Medicine: Lachesis, hypericum, bella, anthracinum, pyrogenum.

Scrofulous Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Tubercular lymphangitis and lymohadinitis.
  • Induration and pus formation.
  • Fistula and sinus.
  • Healing by scar or glandular swelling.
  •  Medicine: Phytolacca, dulc, calc sulph, petro, graph, merc, baryta carb.

Dyscratic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Tendency to develop carcinoma, tumors.
  • Malignant blood disease.
  • Degenerative disease of nervous system or paralysis.
  • Medicine: conium, carcinosin, arc alb, mercurius.

Lithic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Tendency to kidney stone disease.
  • Medicine: lycopodium, benzoic acid, berberis v, sarsaparilla, Nux Vomica.

Uric – acid Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Also called as Gouty diathesis.
  • Tendency to hyperuricemia.
  • Acute inflammation of joints.
  • Gouty tophi.
  • Gout acute inflammation of small joint.
  • Medicine: benzoic acid, colchicum.

Rheumatic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Tendency to joint pain with stiffness <motion >rest.
  • Chronic joint pain and morning stiffness.
  • Shifting joint pain.
  • Medicine: bry, rhus tox, rhodo, phyto.

Haemorrhagic diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Hypo coaguability of blood leads to excessive bleeding.
  • Medicine: ipecac, sabina, Lachesis, phos, millefolium.

Strumous Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Tendency to thyroid swelling or symptoms suggest thyoid  disease with swelling in thyroid.
  • Medicine : iodum, spongia, bromium.

Sthenic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Excessive inflammatory reaction.
  • Medicine: ferrum met, bella.

Scorbutic Diathesis in Homoeopathy

  • Scurvy like symotoms.
  • Dry, rough skin, dry hair.
  • Poor wound healing.
  • Recurrent infection.
  • Bleeding and spongy gum Medicine: carbo veg, Nux vom. , merc, hammamelis.

What is the difference between temperament and diathesis?

Temperament is emotional responce of individual while the diathesis can be called responce or predisposition of any individual person.
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What is the difference between diathesis and constitution?

The diathesis is only term which indicates you about particular person’s tendency towards any disease condition while constitution term is broad and it include individual’s physical as well as mental make up , his reaction toward any disease as well as any situation in day to day life. Constitution can not be changed, it will remain same as since of birth.
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What is a diathesis in medical terms?

Diathesis is heridatory predisposition or tendency to easily prone to some diseases or group of diseases.

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