• Great emaciation, with debility and palpitation of the heart.
  • Nightsweats, with hot and dry skin in the daytime.
  • Thirst, obliging one to drink frequently, but little at one time.
  • Restless sleep, unrefreshing, disturbed by sudden starting ~ constant desire to lie down.
  • Irritable and strange mood.
  • loss of appetite, with weak digestion, etc.


  • Constant heat, with little thirst, or frequent paroxysms of flushes of heat, with anguish and palpitation of the heart, or constant shuddering, especially in the evening, with red cheeks.
  • Withering dry skin ~ emaciation, debility with listlessness ~ loss of appetite.
  • Paroxysms of anguish, in the evening.
  • Dry and short cough.
  • Great desire to be magnetized.
  • Great prostration after talking. ~ Sweat breaking out easily.
  • Great apprehensions about one’s health.
  • Slow, weak digestion, nightsweats, etc.


  • Pale complexion and sunken cheeks and eyes.
  • Great listlessness ~ dry and flaccid skin.
  • Sleeplessness or restless sleep, unrefreshing, with anxious dreams.
  • Loss of appetite, with desire for dainties, or great hunger, even voracious, with weak digestion.
  • Frequent diarrhoeic stools, even with discharge of undigested food.
  • Ill – humor, malaise, distended abdomen, and other ailments after eating.
  • Frequent sweats, especially at night.


  • Great debility and trembling after the least exertion.
  • Frequent flushes of heat, especially in the face.
  • Blue margins around the eyes ~ dry mouth ~ loss of appetite.
  • Oppression of the chest, with orgasm of the blood and anguish, great sadness.
  • Sudden starting from sleep, and anxious dreams
  • Frequent nausea ~ sweat easily breaks out during motion ~ bland temper.


  • Dry and extremely troublesome heat, especially in the evening, with thirst.
  • Great restlessness, burning in the palms of the hands and nightsweats.
  • Parchment – like skin.
  • Desire for dainties (something good to eat ~ a delicacy. ) only.
  • Very listless ~ out of breath after the least motion, etc.


  • Dry cough, with short and oppressed breathing.
  • Chilliness towards evening followed by dry heat.
  • Debilitating diarrhoea.
  • Exhausting clammy nightsweats.
  • Emaciation, debility, etc.

Phosphoric acid

  • Sad oppressed mood.
  • Taciturn ( tending not to speak very much, in a way that seems unfriendly ), listless ( tired and without energy ).
  • The hair turns gray.
  • Febrile heat in the evening, with anguish and accelerated pulse.
  • Debilitating sweats in the morning, etc.


  • Pale livid complexion.
  • Dry short cough ~ emaciation ~ loss of appetite ~ shortness of breath.
  • Debility, especially in the joints.
  • Febrile heat in the evening or morning, etc.


  • Febrile heat, especially towards evening, with sharply circumscribed redness of the cheeks (especially the left cheek).
  • Dry skin, with thirst ~ thin pale face.
  • Dry or diarrhoeic and slimy stools.
  • Short oppressed breathing.
  • Palpitation of the heart.
  • Sweat towards morning.
  • Debility, tired feeling in the limbs, with heaviness, dry cough, etc.

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