• When bilious symptoms prevail, such as : Yellow coating on the tongue, bitter taste in the mouth and of food and drink, except water ~ burning thirst ~ bitter eructations, bitter, greenish or slimy vomiting (vomiting of ascarides).
  • Distension of the hypochondria ~ pain fulness of the region of the liver, with stitches and pressure.
  • Suppressed stool, or small frequent stools, with tenesmus.
  • Red, scanty urine.
  • Dry heat, with full frequent pulse, sleeplessness, and restless – ness ~ moaning, quarrelsome, vehement disposition. (Compare bry. , cham.)


  • The tongue is coated yellowish or white, thick coating ; aversion to drink and food, sour taste of the mouth from rye bread.
  • Vomiting of sour, bitter, or slimy substances ~ slimy diarrhoea.
  • Dry heat, especially about the head, with thirst, alternating with chills ~ anguish, restlessness, suspicious or whimsical mood, violent headache as if everything would fall out at the forehead.
  • Dry mouth ~ difficult deglutition ~ sopor in the daytime, sleepless nights, etc. (Compare cham. and mere. )


  • Dry brownish – yellow tongue ~ putrid smell from the month ~ bitter taste, especially after sleeping, or pappy, insipid, or foul taste.
  • Great desire for wine, sour drinks, or coffee, with aversion to solid food.
  • Nausea, accumulation of mucus in the stomach, frequent desire to vomit, or real vomiting of bile, especially after drinking.
  • Stitches in the head, in the pit of the stomach, or side, in the extremities, especially when coughing or walking.
  • Pressure and tension in the pit of the stomach, especially after eating ~ Constipation.
  • Watery, clear or yellowish urine, with yellowish sediment.
  • Violent heat, with burning thirst, or chilliness and shuddering over the whole body, with redness (and heat) of the face.
  • Vehement disposition ~ great debility ~ dulness of the head with vertigo, etc. (Compare aeon., chain., nux vom.)


  • Red and chapped or yellowish – coated tongue ~ bitter taste of the mouth, and of food ~ fetid smell from the mouth ~ loss of appetite, nausea, or bitter or sour eructations and vomiting.
  • Great anguish, tension, and pressure in the region of the stomach, hypochondria, and especially in the pit of the stomach.
  • Flatulent colic, with tearing pains and distension of the abdomen.
  • Constipation, or diarrhosic, greenish stools, or sour diarrhoeic stools mixed with fecal matter and mucus resembling stirred eggs.
  • Yellowish urine, with flocculent sediment ~ hemicrania.
  • Pains in the limbs ~ great nervousness, with restlessness and moaning, or vehement disposition ~ asthma.
  • Heat, especially of the face and eyes, with red cheeks (sometimes only on one cheek), or heat mixed with shivering and the hair standing on end.
  • Sleeplessness with restlessness, or restless sleep with anxious dreams, starting, etc. (Compare aeon., bell., nux v., puis.)


  • Remittent fever, when the remission is marked, prostration considerable, the tongue not deeply loaded.
  • Pulse shows great fluctuations ~ during the fever full but compressible, in the remission weak and thready.
  • Humming in ears, accompanied by a sense of tightness across vertex or with a sense of rumbling through occiput.


  • Yellow – coated tongue ~ loathing of food ~ dry mouth, with or without thirst ~ fetid eructations and desire to vomit.
  • Painful fulness of the stomach, with difficult breathing.
  • Constipation, or soft stools with burning at the anus.
  • Great debility, with sweat on taking the least exercise.
  • Headache, especially in the forehead, with vertigo, etc.
  • This remedy is frequently suitable after abuse of chamomilla.


  • Yellow coating on the tongue, with dry mouth ~ loathing of food (especially greasy things), with desire to vomit fetid odor from the mouth.
  • Bitter taste in the mouth, and of food ~ nausea, with regurgitation of the ingesta, and vomiting of undigested food.
  • Pressure and painful fulness in the pit of the stomach.
  • Colic diarrhoeic, yellowish stools, or fetid putrid stools.
  • Pale yellowish color of the skin.
  • Headache, especially in the forehead.
  • Febrile heat, with thirst or shiverings. (Compare n. vom. and puis.)


  • Moist tongue, coated white or yellowish ~ dry and burning lips ~ nauseous, foul, or bitter taste ~ nausea, with desire to vomit, or vomiting of mucus and bitter substances.
  • Painfullness of the hypochondria, pit of stomach, or around the umbilicus, especially at night, with anguish and restlessness.
  • Sleepy in the daytime, wakeful at night ~ peevish irritable mood ~ chills alternating with heat.
  • Burning thirst, sometimes with aversion to beverage, etc. (Compare bell.)

Nux Vom.

  • Dry and white, or yellowish-coated tongue, especially towards the root.
  • Burning thirst, with burning in the throat ~ bitter or foul taste, bitter eructations, constant nausea, especially in the open air ~ desire to vomit, or vomiting of undigested food.
  • Cardialgia, with aching pain.
  • Painful pressure and tension in the whole region of the stomach and hypochondria.
  • Spasmodic colic, with pinching and rumbling in the umbilical region.
  • Constipation, with frequent, but ineffectual urging to stool, or with small, diarrhceic, slimy, or watery stools.
  • Aching pain in the forehead, with vertigo angry, vehement, peevish, hypochondriac mood.
  • Great debility and languor ~ red and hot, or yellowish and livid face.
  • Heat, mixed with chills or shuddering ~ bruised feeling in the limbs.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms towards morning, etc. (Compare aeon., bry., cham., ipec, and puis.)


  • Whitish mucous coating on the tongue ~ flat, pappy, or bitter taste, especially after swallowing.
  • Eructations tasting of the food which one had just eaten, or bitter eructations.
  • Aversion to food, especially to fat and meat, with desire for sour or spirituous drinks.
  • Waterbrash ~ regurgitation of the ingesta ~ nausea, great desire to vomit ~ vomiting of slimy and whitish, bitter and greenish substances, or sour substances ~ vomiting of undigested food.
  • Pressure in the pit of the stomach, with difficult breathing.
  • Constipation or diarrhceic, white, slimy, or bilious or greenish stools, or stools resembling stirred eggs.
  • Hemicrania ~ frequent chills, with absence of thirst ~ or dry heat and thirst ~ alternate pale and red face, or one cheek is red and the other pale.
  • Sad mood, with whining, moaning, and restlessness. (Compare cham., ipec, and n. vom.)


  • In consequence of indigestion, with loss of appetite, loathing of food, nausea, and desire to vomit.
  • The ailments not having yielded to ipec. or puls.


  • Weak and tremulous feeling ~ pulse quick, full, an soft.
  • Internal and external heat, with thirst ~ chilly all day ~ whole body feels sore.
  • Heat at night, preventing sleep.
  • Headache and tendency to delirium.
  • Tongue yellowish brown in the centre, and red at the edges.
  • Constipation, alternating with diarrhoea ~ loss of appetite and great thirst ~ urine high – colored.


  • Bilious fever, with cardialgia, spasmodic colic, and diarrhceic stools, which come on again after eating ever so little, cramps in the calves, etc. Cham., bry., Nux vom., or puls. , were unable to effect a change.


  • Flushes of heat and coldness in alternation.
  • Dull headache, with aching pains in the eyeballs.
  • rumbling of wind in the bowels.
  • Stitches in the chest and under the scapula.
  • Sense of debility and fatigue ~ nausea, aversion to meat and bread, loss of appetite, griping pains in the bowels.
  • Dark, green, thin, and very offensive stools, with copious emission of very offensive flatus.


  • Nausea early on rising.
  • Bitter taste in the mouth ~ thirst ~ slimy vomiting, diarrhoeic stool, and great debility.

Eupatorium perf.

  • Chilliness, with excessive trembling, aching in the hones, and soreness of the flesh, with nausea, followed by burning fever.
  • Alternate chilliness and flashes of heat, vomiting at every draught.
  • Jaundiced color ~ thick yellowish fur on the tongue.
  • Intense headache, especially in the occiput.
  • Fulness and tenderness in the hepatic region, with stitches and soreness on moving or coughing.
  • Urine scanty and dark – colored.
  • Profuse bilious watery stools, with, nausea and severe colic, prostration, and relaxation.


  • Complete loss of muscular power, marked exacerbation of the fever towards night, and decline of the heat without perspiration towards morning.
  • Heaviness of the head, with vertigo and blindness, loss of appetite, with bitter taste.
  • Large, deeply bilious stools, asthenia, and stupor.

Iris ver.

  • Chills over the whole body, although abundantly covered.
  • Fever, with muttering delirium and bilious diarrhoea.


  • Great lassitude.
  • Tendency to shiver, with sore and lame feeling.
  • Stupor, heat, and dryness of the skin.
  • Dark, fetid, tarry, or watery stools, mixed with bloody mucus and an icterode condition.


  • Backache before the chill, delirium and loquacity during the hot stage, with forgetfulness afterwards of all that passed.
  • Violent headache, with excessive thirst during the fever ~ sallowness of the skin.
  • Headache, alternating with diarrhoea ~ putrid taste ~ ful- ness and twisting pains in the hepatic region ~ bilious stools.


  • Great debility, delirium, putrid diarrhoea, dry tongue, thirst, and typhoid spmptoms.


  • Indicated when the disease is accompanied with pleuritic stitches, and neither aeon. nor bry. helps.


  • In children, especially when catarrhal symptoms occur at the same time, with loose cough, profuse secretion of mucus, and difficulty of breathing.


  • Autumnal fevers.
  • Bilious headache with the fever, and bilious vomiting.


  • Great debility after a stool, with fainting.
  • Profuse cold sweat, also with every stool, yellowish color of the skin, dry tongue, or tongue coated yellowish or brown.
  • Sudden sinking of vital forces.

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